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Step One

Raw Material Storage

Pet coke, Hi-phos, Lo-phos, Clay

Step Two

Raw Material Feed and Dosing

Here the raw materials are loaded and portioned

Step Three

Raw Material Dryer

Material is dried in a Rotary Dryer

Step Four

Ball Mill

Crushes the material to a consistent and fine size

Step Five

Day Tank

Dried crushed material stored in advance of the balling circuit

Step Six

Balling Circuit

Mixed with water and a binding agent in the balling drum, to form the crushed material into consistently strong feed pellets

Step Seven

Ported Rotary Kiln

The balls are fed into the ported rotary kiln, where phosphorus is reduced out of the ball and then oxidized to make P4O10 gas

Step Eight

Phosphoric Acid Plant

The P4O10 gas is cooled and absorbed in water in a standard acid hydrator, producing clean 70% concentration phosphoric acid (e.g. SPA)

Step Nine

Companion Product Aggregate

The spent balls, comprised of mostly hard calcium silicate, are cooled and sold for use as a construction aggregate: J-Rox

Step Ten

Super Phosphoric Acid Storage Tanks

Super Phosphoric Acid ready to ship by rail or truck. The phosphoric acid can be sold to the fertilizer, animal feed or industrial markets

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