Company Background


    Dr. Joseph Allen Megy (August 12, 1945 to May 2, 2015)

  • JDC is a private company founded in 2008 by the late Dr. Joseph Megy based on proprietary process technology he developed (the Improved Hard Process). The company is headquartered in Fort Meade, Florida.
  • Dr. Megy was a noted scientist, chemical engineer, metallurgist and inventor who developed, patented and commercialized several breakthrough technologies. During his lifetime, he received more than 20 U.S and foreign patents.  Using his own money and the processes he patented, Dr. Megy built several  successful companies. His most recent patents are the basis of JDCPhosphate. Dr. Megy’s life epitomized the American entrepreneurial success story and continues to inspire the JDC team today.
  • Between 2001 & 2008, Dr. Megy conducted a research and development program to improve the Hard Process. The research was carried out at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories in Richland, Washington and was supported in part by two grants from the US Department of Agriculture. Although smaller than the earlier Occidental effort that developed the Hard Process in the early 1980’s, this R&D program was highly focused and resulted in substantial improvements over the Hard Process.
  • In 2010 Minemakers Ltd., (an Australian mine development company) saw the potential of the Improved Hard Process for one of their projects and they became JDC’s cornerstone investor with a $1 million investment.
  • Between 2010 & 2014, the company received $39 million in investment from strategic and financial investors including Vulcan Phosphates, Mitsui, Florida Opportunity Fund, Espirito Santo Ventures, Minemakers, and the Megy Family.
  • JDC has designed and constructed a demonstration plant to validate the performance of the Improved Hard Process in intermediate scale operations.  The essential features of the IHP technology have now been demonstrated and the company is focusing on further validation at scale and at sufficient operating intervals (semi-continuous) to move it forward to commercialization.
  • The company has an active collaboration  with Metso (a full-service, global engineering service contractor and equipment supplier with $4 billion in annual revenue) to provide equipment and performance assurances for a full size, commercialized IHP plant.
  • The company is committed to the ongoing invention, development, and maintenance of its intellectual property.
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