The IHP Demonstration Plant

The IHP Demonstration Plant was designed to:

  • Validate IHP at sufficient size (intermediate scale) to mitigate the subsequent risk of scaling the design of equipment and operations to large scale commercialprojects.
  • Produce salable quantities of phosphoric acid and JŸ-Rox to test market response and generate revenue.
  • Serve as a test vehicle for evaluating various feedstock formulations; in particular, to test the use of various phosphate rock sources and other phosphate bearing materials in feedstock compositions.

Plant operations have progressed since the initial startup and shakedown phases began in November 2013. Operations to date have validated the essential features of the IHP technology, including:

  • Confirmation that high silica feedstock compositions successfully address the melting problem.
  • Confirmation that the process control methodology is effective at controlling the temperature profile along the length of the kiln.
  • Confirmation of methods for significantly strengthening feedstock agglomerates in preparation for high temperature processing (i.e., in preparation for phosphorus reduction and oxidation in the ported rotary kiln)
  • High phosphorus yield has been demonstrated in both lab and demonstration plant scale tests.
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